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Ensure your marketing dollars are invested on your potential consumers.

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Only pay for advertising WHEN it reaches your target audience.

Universal Presence

Globally. Internationally. Locally. You-Name-It-lly

TechPonte uses cutting edge technology to make your advertising campaign a success with measurable results. We’ll create an online marketing strategy that puts your brand in the best place, in front of potential customers, at the right time. Our goal is to help you meaningfully connect with your client and effectively grow your business.

Consumer Insights

Understanding a changing world that occurs at the intersection between the interests of the consumer and features of the brand. In other words, we use information to understand why the consumer cares for the brand as well as their underlying mindsets, moods, desires, aspirations, and motivations that trigger their attitude and actions.

Conversion Optimization

Utilizing analytics and user feedback to improve the performance of your campaigns to improve metrics and conversions on the back end, such as acquiring new customers, registrations, downloads, etc.

Display Advertising AKA Banner Ads

Placing items such as text ads, images, and flash across the internet on websites is a great way to attract new clients and direct them to your website.

Email Marketing

Knowing the importance of keeping your brand in the forefront, we use email marketing to nurture your leads and existing customers through creative email campaigns.

Facebook Advertising
Taking advantage of the ability to target specific groups of highly engaged people, you can get the most from your ad spend by reaching only the people that matter to you through the Facebook platform.
Geo Fencing
Targeting people using a precise 1:1 approach. Using location as the foundation, we can target people within specific geographic perimeters, or we can build an audience using historical location data and target your specific demographics no matter where they are! The possibilities are endless when trying to get an ad in front of the perfect candidate.
Measurement & Analytics
Finding strength in numbers, measurements and analytics provide an easy way to show proof of performance on a digital campaign. This not only helps the client to know that they are getting what they paid for, but helps us optimize your campaign by showing us where we need to make tweaks and changes!
Mobile Marketing
Providing your message to your customers where they are looking, on their mobile phones and tablets on “the go”! In this day and age, people have their phones with them 24 hours a day. Mobile marketing can provide customers with location and time sensitive, personalized information that promotes ideas, goods and services.
Displaying ads to people who have already visited your website at least once greatly improves your chances of winning back that customer. Generally 2% of people convert on their first visit to a website, retargeting brings back the other 98%.

Search Engine Marketing AKA Pay Per Click
Identifying the most relevant and cost-effective keywords that interest your market, we ensure that we reach consumers using all variations of keywords and keyword phrases surrounding your business.


Search Engine Optimization
Considering all aspects of how the search engines work and what is thought to be important to the consumers (which is an ever changing formula), we are able to affect the visibility of your website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid (“organic”) or “natural” search results.

Video / Pre-Roll Marketing

Using specific demographics, we can get your video or commercial in front of your target market no matter where they are watching videos on the Internet!

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